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Toitures GOERENS

Votre partenaire de tradition


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Present in the market for 6 generations, Toitures GOERENS has established itself today as a key player in its field in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.



An expert team:

Our strength comes from a team of experts who, in addition to having undeniable experience, have acquired impeccable know-how over the years. Thanks to the skills of each member, we are able to meet the requirements of our clients. Furthermore, our team is multilingual (Luxembourgish, German, French, English), which greatly facilitates communication and project follow-up with our clients.

Customer satisfaction:

Every project presented to us is meticulously analyzed in order to provide each client with a completely personalized service while ensuring that the work is carried out according to the rules of the art and with respect to safety measures (Vision Zero Label).

Customer satisfaction is important to us

That is why we strive to do everything possible to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services.     We demand the best for our clients, and this includes the materials and techniques we use on our sites.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a competent and reliable partner for the implementation of your project.

Our strengths:

Family business

Quality service

Daily site control

Adherence to safety measures

Execution according to the rules of the art

High-quality materials

Qualified personnel

Experience                            ♠ Know-how

Quality                                   ♠ Aesthetics

Guarantee                             ♠ Trust

You can find us at two addresses:


48, rue de Gasperich

L-1617 Luxembourg



124, Avenue Gaston Diderich 

L-1420 Luxembourg


Roofing - Sheet Metal Work - Carpentry - Terraces - Balconies
Photovoltaic panels - Painting - Plaster - Facades
Renovation and modernization - Project coordination
"Mir schwätze lëtzebuergesch, däitsch, franséisch an englesch"

Start: Historique

Historical Background


Jean GOERENS with a team of roofers, around 1920.

The family business Toitures GOERENS is one of the oldest companies in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg, the roofer profession developed in the village of Septfontaines (Simmern) in the Capellen canton. Since the beginning of the 19th century, almost all roofers in Luxembourg came from Simmern. At that time, the term "Simmer Leendecker" was a common element of the Luxembourgish vocabulary.

As there was not enough arable land in Simmern, the inhabitants turned to craftsmanship. They traveled throughout the country and even beyond the borders to practice their profession.

Many of them founded families in Simmern and inherited the art of the roofer's trade from father to son. It can rightly be said that most roofers between the Meuse and the Rhine were originally from Simmern.

In the past, the inhabitants of Simmern sang the following verse:

"Covering slates is not child's play,
hammering nails means a lot!"

After the First World War, many roofers abandoned the tradition to pursue an easier profession.

This does not apply to the GOERENS family.
Jean GOERENS helped in the reconstruction of Luxembourg and France after the First World War.

The family tradition continues to this day.


Arbre généalogique

1692 Michael GOERENS

06.05.1692 - Michael GOERENS.png

1725 Johannes Dominicius GOERENS

14.06.1725 - Johannes Dominicius Goerens.png

1743 Dominicius GOERENS

23.02.1743 - Dominicius Goerens.png

1784 Dominicius GOERENS

1817 Aloyse GOERENS

1858 Johann GOERENS

2024-01-18 11.58.36.png

Jean GOERENS, born on 14.02.1893

HP - 1893 - Johann GOERENS, Schieferdecker.png

Marcel GOERENS, born on 21/06/1918


Jean GOERENS, born on 19/02/1960


Jill GOERENS, born on 26/01/1989


Ralph GOERENS, born on 29/01/1992

Toitures Luxembourg

Renewal of the two bulbous spires of the Notre-Dame Cathedral 
Luxembourg-City, 1965

Couvreur Luxembourg

Itzig. - A rather rare visit was had by the schoolchildren on Saturday morning. The church bell's rooster confidently made his way into the room.
He descended from his heights for repairs and repainting, or rather, he was brought down by climbing expert Joseph STIEFER, a companion from the roofing company Marcel GOERENS in Gasperich. Before being brought back up, he took a little tour through the village.
The children were surprised that the rooster, who introduced himself from below as a chicken, had such an impressive size.
In his new plumage, shining like gold and adorned with a ribbon in the national colors, he looked quite imposing.In the meantime, he has returned to his position at a height of twenty-four meters and will, in the years to come, predict the weather with the same reliability as he has since 1895.

Tageblatt, 19.07.1950


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Nos services


Sheet Metal Work


Restoration of historical monuments

Thermal insulation

Energy consulting

VELUX Roof Windows

Photovoltaic panels

Attic transformation into living space

Project coordination

Waterproofing and insulation

Flat roofs






Interior wall waterproofing (cellar)

Roof inspection

Roof repair

Roof expertise

Chimney sweeping and lining

Maintenance contract

Roof cleaning

Roof treatment

Roof painting

Facade cleaning

Facade treatment

Window cleaning

Your partner for all seasons.

Your specialist for VELUX roof windows

Installation and replacement



- Contributes to a healthy indoor environment

- Natural light, fresh air

- Energy efficiency

Installation of a Velux roof window - Before / After

Expert in terraces, balconies, and flat roofs

Thermal insulation, waterproofing, and tiling



We have the know-how and experience to guarantee you lasting, aesthetic, and high-quality work according to the rules of the art.

Roof cleaning & Roof painting

Moss removal, treatment, and painting


Advantages - Roof cleaning:

* Moss removal makes the roof clean.

* Treatment eliminates roots that are often the cause of water infiltration.

* Roof protection with a waterproof coating.

After cleaning, the roof is inspected and repaired if necessary.

Advantages - Roof painting:

* Protects the roof sealing.

* Extends the lifespan.

* Improves the aesthetic appearance.

Attic conversion / House renovation

Späicherausbau an Hausrenovatioun 



Dir wëllt Äre Späicher ausbauen ?

Do you want to convert your attic?


Äre Projet vun A bis Z mat eis,

💡 Dialog, Vertrauen, Experienz, Qualitéit

🟰 Een Uspriechpartner a keng Suergen fir de Client

      Alles aus enger Hand.


Your project from A to Z with us,

💡 Dialogue, Trust, Experience, Quality

🟰 One point of contact and no worries for the client. Everything from one source.


Dank eiser jorelaanger Erfarung kënne mir Iech Äre Späicher oder Ärt Haus zu Ärer vollster Zefriddenheet renovéieren an ausbauen.

Dobäi leeë mir grouße Wärt op d'Qualitéit vun der Ausféierung.


*Thanks to our many years of experience, we can renovate and convert your attic or house to your fullest satisfaction, while placing great emphasis on the quality of the execution.


🏡 Virdeeler / Advantages:



     Increased living space

Attics are often seen as unused space, but through conversion, you can optimize the space to meet your specific needs, whether it's for an apartment, an additional room, a bathroom, an office, or a playroom.


🌟Opwäertung / Valorisatioun vun Ärem Haus

     Upgrading / Valorization of your house

The conversion of the attic increases the value of your house by expanding the living space. If you plan to sell your house in the future, this can be an attractive selling point for potential buyers.


🌟Personnalisatioun an Optimisatioun

     Personalization and optimization

It is an opportunity to personalize and modernize your home according to your preferences and needs, using modern materials and choosing a style that you like to create a unique and individual space.


🌟Steigerung vu Liewensqualitéit.

     Improvement of quality of life

By converting the attic, you can create a comfortable and functional living space that can improve the quality of life for your family. You also get a private space to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Natural light: Attics are often equipped with roof windows that let in natural light, making the space brighter and more pleasant.

🌟 Spueren vun Energie dank thermescher Isolatioun a Photovoltaikanlag. 

     Energy savings through thermal insulation and photovoltaic system.

Attic conversion can help reduce heating and electricity costs by improving the thermal insulation of your house, allowing for long-term savings.


Attic conversion / Home renovation - Before / After

Facade renovation

Renovation, Restoration, Thermal insulation, painting work 

Facade renovation with insulation and roof refurbishment - Before / After

Wall cladding


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Gallery - Our projects

Roof renewal, thermal insulation, and gable cladding

Sheet metal work